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When everything you know is wrong, part two

Myth: Keeping a reference to an object in a variable prevents the finalizer from running while the variable is alive; a local variable is always alive at least until control leaves the block in which the local was declared.

When everything you know is wrong, part one

Finalizers are interesting and dangerous because they are an environment in which everything you know is wrong. I’ve written a lot about the perils of C# finalizers / destructors (either name is fine) over the years, but it’s scattered in little bits over the internet.

Four Column ASCII

I found this gem on Hacker News the other day. User soneil posted to a four column version of the ASCII table that blew my mind. I just wanted to repost this here so it is easier to discover.

Coding Explained in 25 Profound Comics — Free Code Camp — Medium

We asked our open source community to share the comics they found most profoundly described coding, via our news site. Here are their 25 most upvoted comics. We can’t help you learn to code in 21 days, but if you can budget a year of nights and weekends, give us a try:

New Programming Jargon

Stack Overflow – like most online communities I've studied – naturally trends toward increased strictness over time.

Amiga Story | Nostalgia Nerd

What goes up, must come down... Welcome to the story of the Commodore Amiga. This is part 1 of a 2 part documentary exploring the history and story of the mighty Amiga from its conception through to its buyout by Commodore. This episode deals with the "up" part of the story, and takes place during t

Progress Bars are Surprisingly Difficult

We've all seen progress bars that move slowly for twenty minutes, then rapidly fill up in the last 30 seconds. Or the reverse, where a once speedy bar takes 50% of the time covering the last few pixels. And bars that occasionally jump backward in time are not the rarity you'd expect them to be.

Date Math In The WHERE Clause - Brent Ozar Unlimited®

Why does calloc exist? — njs blog

Here's a little benchmark program that measures how long it takes to calloc a 1 gibibyte buffer versus malloc+memset a 1 gibibyte buffer. (Make sure you compile without optimization, because modern compilers are clever enough to know that free(calloc(... - Remote Coding & Technical Interview Online Tool!

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