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Exploring CQRS within the Brighter .NET open source project

There's a ton of cool new .NET Core open source projects lately, and I've very much enjoyed exploring this rapidly growing space. Today at lunch I was checking out a project called "Brighter." It's actually been around in the .NET space for many years and is in the process of moving to .

CPU Utilization is Wrong

The metric we all use for CPU utilization is deeply misleading, and getting worse every year. What is CPU utilization? How busy your processors are? No, that's not what it measures. Yes, I'm talking about the "%CPU" metric used everywhere, by . In every performance monitoring product. In top(1).

Getting Started with Headless Chrome

Headless Chrome is shipping in Chrome 59. It's a way to run the Chrome browser in a headless environment. Essentially, running Chrome without chrome! It brings all modern web platform features provided by Chromium and the Blink rendering engine to the command line. Why is that useful?

Object Oriented Tricks: #3 Death By Arguments

OOT is a mini series on writing maintainable Object Oriented code without pulling your hair out. Click here for trick #1, trick #2. So rather than using them recklessly as conveniences, we should apply a significant amount of restraint and treat each argument as a liability.

Don’t Hash Secrets

Building secure systems is difficult. It would be nice if we had a bunch of well-designed crypto building blocks that we could assemble in all sorts of ways and be certain that they would, no matter what, yield a secure system overall.

Temporal coupling and Immutability - Enterprise Craftsmanship

Distributed count(distinct) with HyperLogLog on Postgres

Running SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT) on your database is all too common. In applications it’s typical to have some analytics dashboard highlighting the number of unique items such as unique users, unique products, unique visits.

Interesting data structures: the BK-tree

A BK-tree is a tree data structure specialized to index data in a metric space. A metric space is essentially a set of objects which we equip with a distance function \(d(a, b)\) for every pair of elements \((a, b)\).

A Powerful F# Library Shows How S-Expressions Can Beat XML and Json

People used to love XML, especially those in the Microsoft camp. XML represented a powerful enabling technology for programmers of that day?—?data-driven programming without plain text files. Out of this love for XML came many technologies on which we still rely.

Best 15 Unix Command Line Tools

Here are some of the unix command line tools which we feel make our hands faster and lives easier. Let’s go through them in this post and make sure to leave a comment with your favourite!

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