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From WCF to gRPC - Mark Rendle

gRPC is a high-performance messaging protocol that is ideal for communication between microservices and other clients on internal networks. It's the ideal replacement for WCF or .NET Remoting, which are not supported on .NET Core. In this talk, I'll explain the different models that gRPC enables, f

.NET Core Data Security : Hope is not a Strategy - Stephen Haunts

Not encrypting your data is a risky move and just relying on hope that you won't get hacked and compromised is not a strategy. As a software developer you have a duty to your employer to secure and protect their data. In this talk, you will learn how to use the .NET Framework to protect your data to

Modern Web Vulnerabilities 2020 - Erlend Oftedal

At NDC Security two years ago we looked at some of the lesser known web application vulnerabilities that were arising in popularity due to bug bounty programs. In this talk we will look at what has happened since then. We will discuss some recurring and some newer vulnerabilities that have surfaced

Common API Security Pitfalls - Philippe De Ryck

I always list this talk as an option, as it remains very popular at many conferences. It also draws a full room each time. The shift towards an API landscape indicates a significant evolution in the way we build applications. The rise of JavaScript and mobile applications have sparked an explosion o

The Internet of Pwned Things - Troy Hunt

If it connects, it can be pwned! As much as we may love IoT, it introduces all new vulnerabilities in places we've never before seen them. We're collecting classes of data that have never been digitised before, storing it on the cloud and opening up control of devices to potentially anyone with an i

The Inversion of Control pattern in the test of time

This is the simplest example that ignores important features like mixed object lifetimes. That's why I scoff at these posts... Show a *real* example of an object graph that mixes scoped, transient and singleton dependencies.

Hosting your own NuGet Server and Feed for build artifacts with BaGet

NuGet is the package management system underlying the .NET programming platform. Just like Ruby Gems or NPM Packages, you can bring in 3rd party packages or make your own. The public repository is hosted at http://nuget.

Optimizing string.Count all the way from LINQ to hardware accelerated vectorized instructions

This blog post is a brief introduction to the world of vectorized instructions in C#, and it is meant to be accessible for developers that have never really used them before on their own, just like I had not until today.

Solving Tricky Coordination Problems in Stateless .NET Services - Loris Cro

Developing modern, service-oriented architectures requires that our services become stateless to enable horizontal scalability. ASP.NET helps in doing so with IDistributedCache, but caching is only one of many new coordination problems.In this session I will present how to approach some coordination

Building a self-contained game in C# under 8 kilobytes

As someone who grew up in the times of 1.44 MB floppy disks and 56 kbit modems, I’ve always liked small programs. I could fit many small programs on a floppy disk I carried with me.

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