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Update VMWare ESXi SSL certificate

Another post in the category: I keep reinventing the wheel (or: I keep forgetting how I did stuff in the past). Here's how to renew your ESXi SSL certificate. Read more »

Another "How to boot your Raspberry Pi from SSD"

This is another short one in the category: "I keep forgetting, so let's document it". This post contains the steps to make your Raspberry Pi boot from an external device like an SSD or HDD. It works on Raspbian (Debian) 12 (Bookworm). I haven't tested this on any other versions. Read more »

Wemos D1 Mini won't write?

Ok, this is a short one. On a few occasions when I'm trying to write a Wemos D1 Mini, no matter what I try, it won't write. Since I've "fixed" this on many occasion but I keep forgetting how I'm actually writing it down now so next time I won't have to scratch my head for so long. It's simple... Read more »

Andonstar AD208 battery compartment fix

For a long time I wondered why my Andonstar AD208 wouldn't keep time, even though I placed an 18650 battery in the battery compartment. If it couldn't do that, then what was even the use of the battery that could clearly be placed in the microscope? Read more »

Shelly: The device is already owned by another user/account

This post has two parts. The first part is most likely what you're here for: Getting rid of this stupid error. It turns out that is quite easy and I will explain in a second. The second part, however, is how this (apparently) happens, how Shelly deals with this issue and how Shelly exposed another customer's details to me. Read more »