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Swashbuckle custom ordering of controllers

By default, Swagger (or rather: Swashbuckle ) orders the documentation of controllers by controllername. So if you have a FooController, BarController and BazController they will be ordered as Bar, Baz, Foo in the swagger UI. Let's change that. Read more »

Configure your Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) to use TLS with a StartSSL certificate

I wanted to use TLS with non-self-signed certificates for RDP connections to my workstation at home and so I set out to make it happen. Since I don't have a domain with Active Directory (anymore...) the 'usual' methods found on the web don't quite apply. Here's a simple, step-by-step, guide on how to use StartSSL certificates to secure your RDP connection. This should also work fine with certificates from other CA's; step 2 and 3 (obtaining the .crt file) can/will be different but other than that you should be fine. Read more »

Do you really want "bank grade" security in your SSL? Dutch edition

Inspired by Do you really want "bank grade" security in your SSL? Here’s how Aussie banks fare found on /r/programming I present to you the "Dutch edition". The author used Qualys SSL Labs' SSL test to determine how good banks' SSL implementations really are. Read more »

MongoVue GridFS bug

I have been a MongoVUE user for some time and have always been quite happy with it. I had a bug or problem a few years ago (can't remember what exactly) and was quite astonished that their site doesn't feature a "support" section. All you can do is click "contact us" and fill in some crappy e-mail form. Back then, if I recall correctly, it must've done the job because the bug has been fixed (I guess). Read more »

Hoe een "vandaag besteld morgen in huis" 6 dagen later aankomt

Ik weet niet hoe het bij andere Tweakers is, maar waarschijnlijk komt je dit scenario je wel bekend voor: je wil eigenlijk wel graag het zoveelste speeltje dat je niet écht nodig hebt. Je zet het bij een webshop in je winkelmandje en haakt dan vervolgens nét voor betaling af omdat... meh. Zo heb ik al tientallen keren bijna een Raspberry Pi besteld maar halverwege afgehaakt omdat ik toch te druk ben om er écht mee te spelen. En zo heb ik ook al tientallen keren bijna een Chromecast besteld maar weer afgehaakt omdat... wat moet ik er nou eigenlijk écht mee? Read more »