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Let's talk about Blazor, baby!

There are a lot of .NET developers that have mostly worked in backend systems, in older and sometimes legacy web-frontend (such as WebForms, MVC, HTML + jQuery, etc.).

The Big Little Guide to Message Queues

Message Queues are now fairly prevalent—there are so many of them showing up so fast you'd think they were rabbits with an unlimited supply of celery, resulting in an kafkaesque situation where making a decision is like trying to catch a stream in your hands.


Last night I was listening to the latest Under the Radar, where Marco Arment dove into nerdy detail about his recent Overcast server issues.

SQLite is not a toy database

Whether you are a developer, data analyst, QA engineer, DevOps person, or product manager - SQLite is a perfect tool for you. Here is why. The console is a killer SQLite feature for data analysis: more powerful than Excel and more simple than pandas.

Time Series Smoothing - Making aberrations stand out

Time series is a collection of numerical data points (often measurements), gathered in discrete time intervals, and indexed in order of the time. Common examples of time series data are CPU utilization metrics, Temperature of some geolocation, New User Signups of a product, etc.

An Introduction to Channels in C#

Channels give us a way to communicate between concurrent (async) operations in .NET. Channel<T> was included in .NET Core 3.0 (so it's been available for a bit over a year now).

Design Patterns Explained with Food ??

This repository was made as a way to demonstrate and learn using moderately realistic examples of the Gang of Four Design Patterns (Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software) by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides.

C# with CSharpFritz S2 E5 - Get Started with OpenAPI and gRPC with ASP.NET Core

This week, Fritz walks through building OpenAPI and gRPC services using ASP.NET Core. We look at the templates, command-line tools, and the Visual Studio 2019 features that make development with these protocols a snap. Questions: 00:07:15 Will you talk about HangFire? 00:45:20 Can you disable th

???? An Introduction to Time Representation, Serialization and Management in Software

Most issues in software development usually arise from poor, inconsistent knowledge of the domain at hand. A topic apparently as simple as time representation, serialization and management can easily cause a number of problems both to the neophyte and to the experienced programmer.

Linux Tips for Beginners

Many beginners find it hard to understand and adapt to Linux. In this post I will list a few helpful tips for Linux that can get you started on how to use it efficiently. This is probably an easy, obvious one to many of us but it is still important to list.

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