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How to Design a Scalable Rate Limiting Algorithm

Rate limiting protects your APIs from inadvertent or malicious overuse by limiting how often each user can call the API. Without rate limiting, each user may make a request as often as they like, leading to “spikes” of requests that starve other consumers.

.NET Microservices – Full Course

In this step-by-step tutorial I take you through an introduction on building microservices using .NET. As the name suggests we build everything completely from start to finish –with the full scope of the course outlined in the time-stamp section below. However, at a high-level we’ll cover: •

Load Sharing for the 18650 Battery Shield V3

This video presents a way to add a load sharing circuit to the 18650 Battery Shield V3 so it can be used safely with higher-powered projects. Options for safe use without the modification are also shown. Shield - Ebay: Shield - AliExpress: https://www.aliexpre


Welcome to Thetips4you. Through this channel I would like to share hands on experience on new age Technology like Splunk, Docker, DevOps, Jenkins, Grafana, P...


This is the github repo for the IETF draft surrounding the topic of new time-based UUID formats. Various discussion will need to occur to arrive at a standard and this repo will be used to collect and organize that information.

String Interpolation in C# 10 and .NET 6

Text processing is at the heart of huge numbers of apps and services, and in .NET, that means lots and lots of System.String. String creation is so fundamental that a myriad of ways of creating them have existed since .NET Framework 1.0 was released, and more have joined the fray since.

Functional Programming with C# - Simon Painter - NDC Oslo 2020

Functional Programming is becoming increasingly popular and relevant with each year that goes by. With so much discussion around languages such as F#, Haskell and Erlang, it can seem as though getting started with Functional programming would mean first learning a whole new syntax...but what if it d


I have been maintained a legacy distributed timer for months for my employer, then some important pay business are leveraging on it, with 1 billion tasks handled every day and 20k tasks added per second at most.

Query Optimization Techniques in SQL Server: Parameter Sniffing

To view and analyze SQL Server query execution plans, for free, including comparing plans, stored procedure performance profiling, missing index details, lazy profiling, wait times, plan execution history, check out ApexSQL Plan

How to Make Your Own VPN (And Why You Would Want to)

Sponsored by Linode! Get $20 credit for your first cloud server or VPS here: Text version: OpenVPN road warrior installer by Nyr: Support the channel: Patreon https://patreo

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