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How to create your own custom filter list

Suppose you've created dozens, even hundreds, of custom filters in your journeys across the Web. If you aren't using AdBlock's Premium Backup & Sync feature, your filters won't sync to your other AdBlock extensions.

10 Time-Saving Tips for Visual Studio 2019 (as of 16.10.3)

There are new time-saving shortcuts being added to Visual Studio with each update. In this video, I want to highlight ten of these shortcuts that are in Visual Studio 2019 as of version 16.10.3. Full Training Courses: Source Code:

Bad names make you open the box

Think of a function as a black box. It takes an input, and spits back out an output. For getPromotedPosts, you can feed it a list of blog posts and it will spit back out the ones that have been promoted.

What Is a Specification Pattern?

You need to select, validate, or add constraints to your domain. Specification pattern, in a clear OOP way, does the before-mentioned. Let’s go into details. Next up, specification pattern in Java.

.NET 5 REST API Tutorial - Build From Scratch With C#

Learn how to create a REST API end-to-end from scratch using the latest .NET 5 innovations and Visual Studio Code. The API will be written in C#. ?? Get the code: ?? Course developed by Julio Casal. Check out his channel:


In this article I’ll share some tips and advice about HTML.

How To Diagnose Visual Studio Issues

Sometimes Visual Studio breaks. When that happens, you need to know how to identify and hopefully fix the issue (or get help if you can't). In this video, I will show you my process for getting great results on my own. We will also see how to get great results from others as well. Patreon: https://

Writing Allocation Free Code in C# - Matt Ellis

Performance is a feature. We all want our code to run faster, and there are plenty of ways to do this - caching, using a smarter algorithm or simply doing less stuff.In this session, we’re not going to look at any of that. Instead, we’re going to focus on a recent trend in the C# world - improvi

Show dotnet: Running my .NET nanoFramework for 8 years on a battery

Today, I’d like to show dotnet how to run your own .NET application on a Micro Controller Unit (MCU) on a simple battery for multiple years. I’ll build an application that will read the temperature and pressure on a BMP280 sensor connected to an ESP32.

Validation using MediatR's Pipeline Behaviors and FluentValidation | Clean .NET Core

Subscribe: Support me on GitHub: Get the source code: Join our Slack community: Hello everybody I'm Nick and in this ASP.NET Core tutorial I will show you how you can use MediatR's

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