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string vs. String is not a style debate

Often I see developers debating using String vs. string as if it’s a simple style decision. No different than discussing the position of braces, tabs vs. spaces, etc … A meaningless distinction where there is no right answer, just finding a decision everyone can agree on.

Hacking a Cheap Ammeter / Voltmeter to Provide a Bluetooth PC Interface

I love analyzing data, so any time I work with a device that measures something, I usually want to save its output. I've lately come to enjoy the cheap panel-mount volt meters and current meters on eBay, and figured it would be cool to hack one to provide PC logging capability.

Dual Display Hack - ebay special to Differential Current

In an effort to evaluate simple and accurate display for my various Power projects a little while back including my analogue DC load , I found and bought some panel meters from aliexpress here initial examination hey seemed to have issues when used for all b

Fantastic DIY Speakers for less than $30!

We demonstrate high performance, low cost, unusual audio speakers with a complete explanation of their operation and a guide to how you can construct them yourself.

How To Build "The World's Best Speakers" - Are Flat Panel Speakers Really Any Good?

Flat panel speakers built from foam boards and Dayton Audio exciters can't really sound good, right? Over on @Tech Ingredients they shared a design for "The World's Best Speakers". I just could not believe speakers made out of a $5 piece of foam board outperformed many bookshelf speakers, so I decid

Ella Vater - The Mini Vandals [No Copyright Music] // YouTube Audio Library

Track Info: Royalty Free Music, No Copyright Music, Creative Commons Music, Free Audio Library, Copyright Free Music Artist : The Mini Vandals Title : Ella Vater Genre : Jazz & Blues Mood : Happiness Download:

Setting assembly and nuget package metadata in .NET Core

The new csproj format introduces two major changes that are important from the artifact metadata management perspective. First of all, a NuGet package definition was moved into the project file which allows sharing common attributes between NuGet package manifest and assembly info.

Let's talk about Blazor, baby!

There are a lot of .NET developers that have mostly worked in backend systems, in older and sometimes legacy web-frontend (such as WebForms, MVC, HTML + jQuery, etc.).

The Big Little Guide to Message Queues

Message Queues are now fairly prevalent—there are so many of them showing up so fast you'd think they were rabbits with an unlimited supply of celery, resulting in an kafkaesque situation where making a decision is like trying to catch a stream in your hands.


Last night I was listening to the latest Under the Radar, where Marco Arment dove into nerdy detail about his recent Overcast server issues.

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