Rob Janssen

...for food

My daytime job. I am a fulltime software engineer working on solutions for the telecom sector involving everything from VoiP solutions, (virtual) PBXes, billing, 3rd party integrations, web-based front-ends, cloud based solutions to SaaP, SaaS, SOA and lots more cool acronyms. You name it, I've done it. And then some. Primarily Windows / .Net based but not unfamiliar with other platforms and languages.

...for, and with, the community

I am a moderator at, alongside my tasks as a mediator there. I tend to hang out in the Devschuur® where most of my posts have to do with software development in one form or another.

I also tend to hang out, and contribute, here.

...for fun

I have some of my own open source projects, and I try to contribute whenever I can to other projects.

“...So, where's your portfolio?”

Projects come and go. Projects are completed, go 'live' and disappear in time. Some get redesigned, updated to reflect the latest fads. Some projects are 'for internal use only', 'personal temporary projects' or simply not publicly available. I don't update this site often so links to any projects tend to die out. It's complicated But if you insist on a portfolio or links to current project then feel free to contact me.

Want some some name-dropping for references? I have, at one time or another, successfully completed projects for-, or worked on or with: DAF, Canon, BDO, vHMN, HCI, ReplaceDirect, Yanec, Twindis, MyMicro Group, APS, ISM, van Houtert Autoschade, Ecor, Bo's Hairstyle, Jan Jansen Makelaardij, Purple Group, Combat and the list goes on...