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Build Clean Messaging in .NET with Wolverine

Use code MODULAR and get 20% off the brand new "Getting Started with Modular Monoliths" course on Dometrain: Get the source code: Become a Patreon and get special p

Secure a .NET Core API with Bearer Authentication

In this step by step tutorial, I show you how to secure a .NET Core API with JWT Bearer Authentication, using Azure Active Directory as the Identity and Access Management Layer. I also show you how to write a “secure” API client to call and authenticate to the secured API endpoint. We use the Mi

Canceling JWT tokens in .NET Core

Quite some time ago I published an article (along with the source code) about refreshing the JWTtokens. In the following post, I’m going to focus on canceling the token, thus it can’t be used by anyone else.

Apache Nifi Crash Course

Introduction: This workshop will provide a hands on introduction to simple event data processing and data flow processing using a Sandbox on students’ personal machines. Format: A short introductory lecture to Apache NiFi and computing used in the lab followed by a demo, lab exercises and a Q&A s


ASP.NET Core Identity is a .NET API through which we can make login functionality in our App. Besides this Identity helps to manage users, passwords, roles, policies, tokens, claims, profiles, authorization and authentication. ASP.

Cookies, Tokens, or JWTs? The ASP.NET Core Identity Dilemma

.NET 8 has been released and many new exciting features are available to developers. In particular, this release brings new options for authentication and authorization for ASP.NET Core Identity.

#235: Basics of Analog Panel Meters | Analog meter movements | D'Arsonval

This video covers the basics of analog panel meter movements, how they work, how to test and characterize them, and even how to modify the face for your custom application. These meters can be found on the surplus and ham/hobby market, and can make nice enhancements for projects you might be workin

Every Programmer Should Know #1: Idempotency

In the world of programming, there are many concepts that every developer should understand in order to build efficient and reliable systems.

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Performance Testing a DevDrive on Windows 11 LIVE and RAW with ZERO EDITS

Windows 11 introduces DevDrives with the ReFS file system. Let's sit down and set up a machine with a developer drive and run a few performance tests with no edits. Raw results!

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