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Debian 12 bookworm released

After 1 year, 9 months, and 28 days of development, the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 12 (code name bookworm). This release contains over 11,089 new packages for a total count of 64,419 packages, while over 6,296 packages have been removed as obsolete.

Tim Deschryver

We as developers can make a lot of code work. But, does this mean we're doing it the "right way"? Sometimes it will be, other times there's a better way. And when there's a better way we're often not even aware of it. There are many reasons for this.

Adding JWT Authentication & Authorization in ASP.NET Core

Check out my courses: Become a Patreon and get source code access: Hello, everybody, I'm Nick, and in this video, I will show you how to get started with JWT Authentication and Authorization in your ASP.NET Core applications and APIs. Vid

Password strength explained

The conclusion of my blog posts on the LastPass breach and on Bitwarden’s design flaws is invariably: a strong master password is important. This is especially the case if you are a target somebody would throw considerable resources at.

The shrinking role of semaphores []

One LINQ Extension Method You NEED To Know For Cleaner EF Core Queries

Support me on Patreon to access the source code: EF Core is the most popular ORM among .NET developers, and rightfully so. It's common to write LINQ queries with EF Core to execute SQL queries on the database. LINQ can sometimes become verbose when you need to

Enabling/Disabling Routines in C#

In this session, I'm going to walk you through a quick demo of leveraging [Conditional] capability in C# to enable and disable blocks of code in your program seamlessly and natively. Read more about Conditional here:

Managing .NET App Configuration With The Options Pattern In ASP.NET Core

Support me on Patreon to access the source code: In this video, we will explore the Options pattern in ASP.NET Core and how we can use it to manage our application configuration. The options pattern is very straightforward to use, and we have one of three inte

Flexible Permission Authorization In ASP.NET Core 7 | Part 1

Support me on Patreon to access the source code: Authorization is an important topic to consider in an ASP.NET Core application. Along with authentication, it's the backbone of a reliable and secure application. In this video, I'm going to show you how to impl

.NET 7 Update: List Patterns in 10 Minutes or Less

In C# 11, we now have pattern matching on Lists, and it is awesome. Let's see it in action in this 10-Minute Training video. Full Training Courses: Source Code: Patreon: Mailing List: https:/

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