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Last night I was listening to the latest Under the Radar, where Marco Arment dove into nerdy detail about his recent Overcast server issues.

SQLite is not a toy database

Whether you are a developer, data analyst, QA engineer, DevOps person, or product manager - SQLite is a perfect tool for you. Here is why. The console is a killer SQLite feature for data analysis: more powerful than Excel and more simple than pandas.

Linux Tips for Beginners

Many beginners find it hard to understand and adapt to Linux. In this post I will list a few helpful tips for Linux that can get you started on how to use it efficiently. This is probably an easy, obvious one to many of us but it is still important to list.

Creating custom dependency scopes in .NET

Subscribe: Support me on GitHub: Get the source code: Hello everybody I'm Nick and in this video I will show you how you can create your own custom scopes for your scoped dependencies. I am going to demistify a few miscon

Entity Framework Core 5.0: The Next Generation for Data Access

Use C#, .NET classes, and LINQ to interact with databases like Sqlite, Azure SQL Server and even Azure Cosmos DB from .NET 5 apps with Entity Framework Core. See the latest features in action like many-to-many, table-per-type and filtered includes.

GPIO — ESP Easy 2.1-beta1 documentation

Most board do not have made all pins available. The NodeMCU boards have almost all usable pins made available and some which need special attention. The labels used in the tabel above are the labels on NodeMCU boards.

Before I do anything on Linux, I do these first...

After setting up my Linux servers, there are a few things I do before I use them for their intended purpose. This ranges from security, to tools, to config. Join me as we set up our first Linux server in this tutorial and walk through setting it up proper (and maybe some bonus items sprinkled in).

#203 SPIFFS vs LITTLEFS for ESP32? & ESP8266? (not Arduino UNO?)

So we have the equivalent of a very small SSD in each of our ESP8266s and ESP32s but it mostly remains unused. Instead of using SD cards for trivial files let's use the built in flash file store. JLCPCB Only $2 for PCB Prototype any colour 00:00 Welcome Back! 01:06 Sponsor Mes

gRPC performance improvements in .NET 5

gRPC is a modern open source remote procedure call framework. There are many exciting features in gRPC: real-time streaming, client-to-server code generation, and great cross-platform support to name a few.

In-depth: ELF - The Extensible & Linkable Format

ELF files are everywhere: From your PS4, to the Wii, to any Linux device out there. In this video we explore the Extensible & Linkable Format, and understand how it works - on the byte level! Further reading: - The ELF specification: - elf.h from the

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