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The Secret New Windows Tool Nobody Is Talking About

Thanks to Mine for Sponsoring: Find out which companies have your data and reclaim it ?? by visiting ? Here is the text version of the flow I made: Power Automate in the Microsoft Store:

Give it a star ?!

Loving it? Show your support by giving this project a star! This library is designed to work best with nullable reference types feature enabled.

Easy GDPR-safe exception messages with C# interpolated strings

How a brand new C# feature can help with safe, painless, detailed exception reporting. This is largely sensible code, and it works. But what is a user supposed to do if they see an error message like “Failed to read config”? We can make the error a lot more helpful by providing detail:

Stop using the HttpClient the wrong way in .NET

Check out my courses: Become a Patreon and get source code access: Hello everybody I'm Nick and in this video I will show you why the way you might be using the HttpClient in .NET could be completely wrong and then follow it up by showing

Generating sortable Guids using NewId

In this post I discuss the pros-and-cons of using database-generated integer vs client-generated Guids, and introduce NewId as a way of mitigating some of the downsides of Guids.

On awaiting a task with a timeout in C#

Say you have an awaitable object, and you want to await it, but with a timeout. How would you build that? What you can do is use a when_any-like function in combination with a timeout coroutine. For C# this would be something like

IBM's asshole test

Some years back I applied to join IBM's grad scheme, there was a peculiar stage to the process I've not seen elsewhere. It was during the onsite day, where a batch of 20 or so applicants were put through various tests in an IBM office.


Cronos is a .NET library for parsing Cron expressions and calculating next occurrences. It was designed with time zones in mind, and intuitively handles Daylight saving time (also known as Summer time) transitions as in *nix Cron.

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

13 min read HTML, Guides, Coding, Techniques Share on Twitter, LinkedIn Build in-demand job skills you can put to work as a UX Design professional.

Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music

I'm a huge fan of navidrome, and thus spent some time reading its source code, and discussing with Deluan about its data model, making this list of weird edge-cases as we went. Take a look at Musicbrainz' database schema to have a glimpse on how to tame this madness.

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