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Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

13 min read HTML, Guides, Coding, Techniques Share on Twitter, LinkedIn Build in-demand job skills you can put to work as a UX Design professional.

Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music

I'm a huge fan of navidrome, and thus spent some time reading its source code, and discussing with Deluan about its data model, making this list of weird edge-cases as we went. Take a look at Musicbrainz' database schema to have a glimpse on how to tame this madness.

Executing code before Main in .NET

The Main method is the entry point of a C# application. When the application started, the Main method is the first method that is invoked. In fact, the Main method may not be the first method of the assembly to be executed when the application starts.

Using Immutable Data Structures - Spencer Schneidenbach - NDC Oslo 2021

Immutable objects - aka objects whose properties and fields can't change after instantiation - are one of the fundamental pillars of functional programming. Yet, it also has other great uses in classically object-oriented languages such as C#. Immutability can help make your code cleaner, easier to

Plain Text - Dylan Beattie - NDC Oslo 2021

Software is complicated. Machine learning, microservice architectures, message queues... every few months there's another revolutionary idea to consider, another framework to learn. And underneath so many of these amazing ideas and abstractions is text. When you work in software, you spend your life

[Crypto] Licensing your software with OpenSSL. Using license keys. Software copy-protection.

[Crypto] Licensing your software OpenSSL. Using license keys. Software copy-protection. You saw this many times: a license file with a name, serial number, features supported and some code. And some info of a computer that license is connected to, like MAC address.

A Mind Is Born

Making a demo in just 256 bytes would be a formidable challenge regardless of platform. A Mind Is Born is my attempt to do it on the Commodore 64. In the absence of an actual 256-byte compo, it was submitted to the Oldskool 4K Intro compo at Revision 2017, where it ended up on 1st place.

An Efficient WiFi Button For Home Automation Using ESP-NOW | ~68 Years From 2xAA Batteries | DIY E64

This is version 2 of the WiFi button that we built a couple of videos ago. This version improves upon the efficiency by using ESP-NOW as the main communication protocol allowing us to trigger automations in near real time, that's about 280 milliseconds on average. The power consumption is very low

"This project will only take 2 hours"

Austin Z. Henley Assistant Professor @austinzhenley github/AZHenley Home | Publications | Teaching | Blog | CV "This project will only take 2 hours" 11/8/2021 A few students came to me asking if I had any ideas for a software project that they could work on outside of class.

Load Sharing for the 18650 Battery Shield V3

This video presents a way to add a load sharing circuit to the 18650 Battery Shield V3 so it can be used safely with higher-powered projects. Options for safe use without the modification are also shown. Shield - Ebay: Shield - AliExpress: https://www.aliexpre

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