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Signing Git Commits with Your SSH Key

You may already be signing your Git commits with a GPG key, but as of today you can instead choose to sign with your SSH key! Signing in SSH is a relatively new feature that lets you use your private SSH key to sign arbitrary text and others to verify that signature with your public key.

Deep Dive into Open Telemetry for .NET

Open Telemetry is an open source specification, tools and SDK's used to instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces). Open Telemetry is backed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) which backs a mind boggling array of popular open source projects.

Validation Attributes vs. FluentValidation | Model Validation | .NET 6

Become a Patreon & get the source code: In this video, we'll learn how to use the built-in validation attributes for model validation and also how we can create custom validation attributes to match our needs. We'll then cover some of the reasons why we might pr

Object Mapping - Mapster | ASP.NET 6 REST API Following CLEAN ARCHITECTURE & DDD Tutorial | Part 7

Become a Patreon & get the source code: Link to the full playlist: Follow me on 'em socials: Twitter: LinkedIn:

#06 "We Put the 'K' in Kwality" — 858D Hot Air Rework Station Safety Mods

TOOL TALK #1 — Not so retro, but relevant. A look at a few safety mods to the popular 858D hot air rework station, especially for the North American plug variant. I don't want to die from electrocution; I want to fix Commodore stuff, so safety first!? Flickr Album (My 858D Safety Mods): https://

Safety Checkout of a 858D Hot Air Rework Station

I bought a cheap hot air rework station off eBay. It's a typical "858D" unit made popular by Atten, WEP, YOUYUE, ZENY, and a dozen other brands. However, the one I got is completely unbranded and I didn't trust its construction. Good thing I tore it apart!This is the unit I purchased: http://www.eba

Announcing Rate Limiting for .NET

We’re excited to announce built-in Rate Limiting support as part of .NET 7. Rate limiting provides a way to protect a resource in order to avoid overwhelming your app and keep traffic at a safe level. Rate limiting is the concept of limiting how much a resource can be accessed.

Custom formatters in ASP.NET Core Web API

By Kirk Larkin and Tom Dykstra. ASP.NET Core MVC supports data exchange in Web APIs using input and output formatters. Input formatters are used by Model Binding. Output formatters are used to format responses.

NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms


Rolling your own crypto: Everything you need to build AES from scratch (and then never use it for anything of consequence)

Rolling your own crypto: Everything you need to build AES from scratch (and then never use it for anything of consequence) You often hear the phrase "Don't roll your own crypto". I think this sentence is missing an important qualifier: "...and then use it for anything of consequence".

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