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NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms


Rolling your own crypto: Everything you need to build AES from scratch (and then never use it for anything of consequence)

Rolling your own crypto: Everything you need to build AES from scratch (and then never use it for anything of consequence) You often hear the phrase "Don't roll your own crypto". I think this sentence is missing an important qualifier: "...and then use it for anything of consequence".

.NET 6 Minimal API Full Build

In this step by step video we perform a full step by step build of a .NET 6 minimal API. We also contrast and compare it with a MVC API to further understand the differences and similarities between them. Level: Beginner ?? Links ?? ?? GitHub Repository:

New UUID Formats

Workgroup: dispatch Internet-Draft: draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-03 Updates: 4122 (if approved) Published: 31 March 2022 Intended Status: Standards Track Expires: 2 October 2022 Authors: BGP. Peabody K.

Story about graceful termination with modern .NET

Abstract Pods represent processes running on nodes in the cluster, each pod could be terminated anytime, for instance during a new version rollout or the possibility of evicting pods from one node into another node in the cluster, so it’s good practice for your app to be able to gracefully termina

The setup "trick" that .NET libraries use and you should too

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All you have to do to send messages to another process is know its address, which will never change. This project separates a modern communication API from the routing algorithm that powers it.

C# Code Rules

The C# Compiler’s name is Roslyn. Roslyn has a very large set of analyzers to check the quality of your code, but you must turn these analyzers on before they start doing anything.


I'm the type of person who always likes to change things up. The design of this project allows me to quickly, easily, and inexpensively swap out one image for another to create cool RGBIC themes to fit whatever I'm into at the moment. This is a re-upload of a previous project but I changed the intro

I know nothing about programming AMA


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