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Handling multiple implementations of an interface with Dependency Injection in .Net Core

When you have an interface with multiple implementations and you don't want to use a 3rd party DI framework, you'll need to work around some limitations of the 'native' DI implementation in .Net Core. Read more »

Swashbuckle custom ordering of controllers

By default, Swagger (or rather: Swashbuckle ) orders the documentation of controllers by controllername. So if you have a FooController, BarController and BazController they will be ordered as Bar, Baz, Foo in the swagger UI. Let's change that. Read more »

Configure your Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) to use TLS with a StartSSL certificate

I wanted to use TLS with non-self-signed certificates for RDP connections to my workstation at home and so I set out to make it happen. Since I don't have a domain with Active Directory (anymore...) the 'usual' methods found on the web don't quite apply. Here's a simple, step-by-step, guide on how to use StartSSL certificates to secure your RDP connection. This should also work fine with certificates from other CA's; step 2 and 3 (obtaining the .crt file) can/will be different but other than that you should be fine. Read more »

Do you really want "bank grade" security in your SSL? Dutch edition

Inspired by Do you really want "bank grade" security in your SSL? Here’s how Aussie banks fare found on /r/programming I present to you the "Dutch edition". The author used Qualys SSL Labs' SSL test to determine how good banks' SSL implementations really are. Read more »

MongoVue GridFS bug

I have been a MongoVUE user for some time and have always been quite happy with it. I had a bug or problem a few years ago (can't remember what exactly) and was quite astonished that their site doesn't feature a "support" section. All you can do is click "contact us" and fill in some crappy e-mail form. Back then, if I recall correctly, it must've done the job because the bug has been fixed (I guess). Read more »