Rob Janssen

Recruiters - Wall of shame

The following people (or: recruiters) seem to be having problems reading someone's profile on LinkedIn which clearly states NO RECRUITMENT. These people sent invites (from "Let's be friends" to utterly bogus "We've done business together") despite my 'NO RECRUITMENT' message on my profile and, recently, even adding an image that can't be missed. Since this annoyance is becoming more and more prevalent I decided to put up this 'Wall of shame' page.

Update: there used to be a list of recruiters and companies here. I am no longer updating this list because I've had multiple personal threats(!)Seriously!? and threats to go to court over this. This is not worth my time nor risking physical harm to my family or me over this because of some of the whackjobs out there though I'm fully convinced I'm in my right to do this. This page has served it's purpose very well and made people (and recruiters) aware of the sh*t they pull. It was fun while it lasted. Sorry.

I would like to recommend Blacklist IT Recruiters Nederland for a list of more recruiters/companies that blatantly ignore someone's desires not to be approached.