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3 Security Headers That Every Site Should Have

Clickjacking, XSS and CSRF, exploits that have been around for 15+ years now and still form the basis for many vulnerabilities on the web today.

Miscomputation in software development Learning to live with errors

The discussion takes place in an imaginary class room. The teacher points out that we have been trying to eliminate errors from programs for over 50 years now and the class discusses different kind of errors and different strategies that have been developed over time to deal with errors.

The Marvels of Monads – Yet Another Language Geek

If the word "continuation" causes eyes to glaze over, then the word "monad" induces mental paralysis.  Perhaps, this is why some have begun inventing more benign names for monads. These days, monads are the celebrities of programming language theory.

Everything you need to know about HTTP security headers

Some physicists 28 years ago needed a way to easily share experimental data and thus the web was born. This was generally considered to be a good move.

Analysing Pause times in the .NET GC

Over the last few months there have been several blog posts looking at GC pauses in different programming languages or runtimes.

What .NET Developers ought to know to start in 2017

Many many years ago I wrote a blog post about what .NET Developers ought to know. Unfortunately what was just a list of questions was abused by recruiters and others who used it as a harsh litmus test. There's a lot going on in the .

Async HTTP API and service bus

It’s been a few months already since I’ve started working for good with distributed systems using (micro)services and asynchronous processing via service bus.

Features In Computer Languages, Clarity Is Key

IN THE FALL OF 1996, Brian Kernighan *69 brought scissors, a beard trimmer, and a pair of hedge clippers into the auditorium where he was teaching Harvard’s introductory computer science course, CS50, to more than 450 students.

What's New In HTML 5.1 -- 14 Added Features and How To Use Them - RankRed

New Programming Jargon

Stack Overflow – like most online communities I've studied – naturally trends toward increased strictness over time.

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