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Correcting Common Async/Await Mistakes in .NET 8 - Brandon Minnick - Copenhagen DevFest 2023

This talk was recorded at NDC's Copenhagen Developer's Festival. #cphdevfest #ndcconferences #dotnet #softwaredeveloper #csharp Attend the next NDC conference near you: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and learn every day:

58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere

When making this website, i wanted a simple, reasonable way to make it look good on most displays. Not counting any minimization techniques, the following 58 bytes worked well for me:

The Easiest Way to Create PDFs in .NET

Get the source code: Become a Patreon and get special perks: Hello, everybody, I'm Nick, and in this video I'll show you the easiest way to create PDFs in .NET using C# and QuestPDF. Give QuestPDF a star on GitHub: https:/

We can create a voice command system!

This project utilizes the ESP32-S3 microcontroller and the INMP441 microphone to enable voice command functionality. By leveraging the Espressif Speech Recognition framework, the system can recognize wake-up words like "Hey Siri", and "Ok Google" and execute specific actions associated with those co

The Brand New Way to do Fault Handling in Polly V8

?? Check out my Pragmatic Clean Architecture course: ?? Support me on Patreon to access the source code: Polly v8 was just released, and it comes with a redesigned API for fault handling. We're no longer using fault handling policie

Everything you need to know about JSON Web Token

Before we start, I have to admit that this article does not really include everything you need to know about JSW (JSON Web Token). If you want to go into full-nerd mode, you can explore all the information available in the JWT RFC, though even that might not cover everything.

Everything you need to know about configuration and secret management in .NET

If you’ve been writing code for a while, you probably have used configuration in some way.

Bypassing Bitlocker With A Logic Analzyer

Security Engineer [Guillaume Quéré] spends the day penetration testing systems for their employer and has pointed out and successfully exploited a rather obvious weakness in the BitLocker full volume encryption system, which as the linked article says, allows one to simply sniff the traffic betwee

Background Tasks Are Finally Fixed in .NET 8

Use code ARCH15 and get 15% off the brand new Solution Architecture course on Dometrain: Become a Patreon and get source code access: Hello, everybody, I'm Nick, and in this video, I will show yo

.NET Microservices – Full Course

In this step-by-step tutorial I take you through an introduction on building microservices using .NET. As the name suggests we build everything completely from start to finish –with the full scope of the course outlined in the time-stamp section below. However, at a high-level we’ll cover: •

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